Swords+ is a mod that adds new, more powerful weapons to the world of Minecraft. These additions make the once mighty diamond sword look like a pitiable fool?s tool. But, don?t expect these new blades to be easy to craft or light on your resources. Let?s take a look.



  • 1) Download the latest version of Swords
  • 2) Download and install Risugami?s ModLoader
  • 3) Throw the Swords+ 1.5 itself into your /mods/ directory. If you don?t have a /mods/ directory, create one on the same level as /bin/, /saves/, etc.
  • 4) If there is a META-INF folder in minecraft.jar, delete it!
  • 5) Run Minecraft and enjoy



  • Minecraft 1.3.2 compatibility updates
  • Implemented Mystical Forge block for crafting swords
  • No longer incompatible with Wizardcraft due to recipe conflicts?
  • Trimmed out fat
  • Removed Dianus blade due to being relatively useless
  • Sealed Ayin blade?s powers until further notice (no longer has gimmicks until I can make them suitably wicked and SMP compatible)
  • Potential LAN SMP compatibility?
  • Removed Tauvelite dust?s abilities in preparation for Tau Crystals
  • Allowed Tauvelite and Ezralite ores to drop multiple dusts if Fortune?d
  • Allowed both ores to drop XP when mined
  • Added Inoue?s Rejection, Inoue?s Will, Eclipsing Moon
  • Left animation mechanics out of bows due to sprite index hogging
  • Removed method of acquiring Radiance Blades and all of their gimmicks due to issues with 1.3.2 server merging. Will reevaluate and reimplement as necessary
  • Added Testificate (villager) trades for useless things
  • Added some secrets
  • Added WIP artifacts (will be added to OP when finalized)
  • Implemented basics of modules system for use in Swords++ (the API)
  • Forgot some things
  • Probably broke something here or there
  • Changed some recipes due to being an idiot and not implementing Mystical Forge recipes properly
  • Left out ModSaveHandler due to 1.3.2 confusions
  • Removed Slenderman
  • Implemented own config file system in place of MLProp.
  • Removed hot toggle of ore generation
  • Changed some textures
  • Forgot even more things

Author: StarshadesJack

Download Minecraft Swords+ Mod :

Swords+ Mod 1.3.2