Minecraft Pixelmon Servers

Minecraft has many many mods, that change the game in a pretty substantial way. Some simply modify a few values, change some biomes, some even add pretty major features like like the ability to buy plots of land and protect them from other players or adding a market where players might create a sort of an economy amongst themselves, trading anything from the most basic of dirt blocks and up to the prestigious diamonds, however there aren’t any mods quite like Pixelmon. This modpack actually transforms a server into a whole new game, by spawning random Pokemon instead of random creatures, letting players catch and fight with the beasties.

Obviously this also gives rise to the Player versus Player aspect of the game. This also obviously depends on the server since there might not be many players who are willing to go up against others and just want to play for the solo experience, however some servers are quite populated and some even host tournaments, though these are quite rare. Other players however focus almost solely on, as the saying goes, catching them all, which forces them to, depending on the servers settings, travel all over the server to scour all the biomes for different types of Pokemon.

All of this has made Pixelmon servers quite popular. There are also a few different types of servers, but that’s quite a pedantic distinction so I’m not going to go into it in this post, suffice to say, that they’re all pretty much the same when you’re starting out. There’s many a Minecraft server list that even offers to filter out the Pixelmon servers. Many of the better ones are usually the bigger ones, where players might help you get into the game and explain the basics of game mechanics to you. This is my favorite list of Pixelmon servers. So go out there and play some Pixelmon Minecraft 🙂