Minecraft Earth?

December 29, 2022

Minecraft Earth?

Seems fun right? Alright, let's sign up for the beta. I went through the process of putting in my email and logging into the requested Xbox Live account. Oh no, the Xbox live account gives me an error. “Sorry, something went wrong. Give it another try, or try on Xbox.com.”

Alright, I tried to log into Xbox.com and enter my credentials. After doing so, it just redirects me back to the home page, but the sign in button is still visible (usually it should be replaced with my name or username), and there's no response when I click the button. Keep in mind though, I signed up using a different Xbox account and it worked.

Alright, maybe talking to an Xbox or Microsoft tech support agent might help. Oof, first in queue. Got into a chat right away, seems nice! I tell him my issue that I cannot sign into my Xbox live account. Mark my exact words:

“Hello! My name is Tim. I recently tried to sign into my Xbox account, and after I sign in I go back to the homepage but the sign-in button is still there. However, I cannot click the sign-in button anymore.”

He starts off with basic diagnostic questions, and I answer them. However, then I started to realize his lack of knowledge and basic common sense. He says there is no issue with my Xbox account, and that Minecraft Earth is not released yet, so therefore I can't sign up for it.

Exact words: “I understand, but where did you pre order the game? For you to be able to play a Beta, you need to place pre order of the game and the Beta would be available to be played if beta is already released.”

… What?

I go on to explain to him what beta is and how it works, because apparently he doesn't know what it is. I've probably said at least 5 times that I entered and email and signed in using Xbox live, and I would enlist in the beta program (which means, I wait now for my turn to start testing, right?)

(And guess what, that took a whole 30 minutes)

Anyway, after I was done explaining, I also mentioned that I could sign into a different Xbox account (for like the 3rd time), and here's the response:

“So are you able to play using that other account that you are mentioning?”

Dude, this tech support agent is a genius. Does he not understand how beta testing works?

Anyways, I'm just looking for anyone who can help me solve this issue. It has to be my account, it doesn't seem like I can access any part of Xbox live, neither does it say I'm “logged in.”