Minecraft in a nutshell

December 26, 2022

Minecraft in a nutshell

Minecraft it in a nutshell the terrain unlimited game where the player can place the structures of three-dimensional cubes. The game is still being developed, the creator of games from hobby classes did something today tells the whole world. It combines elements of survival, RPG, survival, mechanics, and probably many other things that are impossible to describe in words. Despite the initial negative feelings because of the graphics, since then I can not break away from her. If someone tells you that the low-budget game can not exist in today's world NFS & COD and then you can make fun of him because Minecraft is a perfect example of that just an idea, and the game sells itself. Notch itself has not yet made extensive description. At his side was not so long ago were the words “Minecraft is a game of posing blocks during the run from skeletons. Or something like that …”

Imagine being able to build as the days of Lego bricks, a world haunted by all sorts of monsters, from the exploding zombies creeperów, adventure, when we fall into a dark cave suddenly forgetting where he was out, connect with graphics and you wypixelowaną Minecraft'a. The game has two modes and two predicted. Classic – with no strings attached building blocks and putting limits on Survival, where you appear at the mercy of fate kicked, forced to build a shelter or fight with the envoys of the dark (resp. Notch'a imagination). Interestingly, the game creates the world along with your steps in the game. Wondering how great may be the world? For visualization, imagine that the limit of this game is 64 times the earth's surface, of course, if you have enough space on your twardzielku. From the mountains, the oceans, forests, caves, glaciers to przeogromnych cave systems in which no time to lose. The game also has its own, simple physics, not always corresponding to what we see on a daily basis. And so, with one bucket of water we Niagara Falls, we will create a flying island, create a sand trap consisting of a boat.

Now all of this Simply add a multiplayer mode and you have the perfect game to fill free time interesting. Players from around the world combine to create unimaginable buildings, ships, aircraft, and even entire worlds. But that's nothing! After circling the network plug-ins, created by the community, which completely transforms the game. The possibilities are many – Trade with other players, the levels of skills or even social classes! Unfortunately, the free version of the classic is limited by terrain and do not get or do not build large cities such as pay-Beta. But the demo is available, allowing the testing of the game for over a half hour! If that does little for you, after completing this session, you can create the world anew. And so up until we see and we will support this great game, called Minecraft.

Beta version is not free – costs about 15 €, but believe me it will be very wisely spent money. When the game comes to the full version price will increase by 5 €. And you can always give your account a more creative friend … You can buy it at minecraft.net, but if you do not have Paypal, you can think about buying games from our store. You can always wait for the contest on our website and try their hand and sometimes the luck to play this great game!

In closing, I would like to add that Minecraft is one of those games that you either loved or hated the. However, most of us just playing with lego making childhood, and so there is something here for everyone. So far, the only negative reviews coming from people who are trying to further evaluate the book by its cover …