Minecraft prison server list

November 20, 2022

Minecraft prison server list

Minecraft prison servers tend to offer a unique experience mostly geared toward more hardcore gamers who are looking for a more unforgiving game in the Minecraft environment. Enter Minecraft prison servers, on these servers you find yourself trapped, like the tittle offers, in a prison and you have to work to get yourself back to freedom. Most servers have a more in depth experience than that, but that's the core of it. Now if you'd like to tryout this mode, I've compiled a Minecraft prison server list that I found most enjoyable. While compiling this list I've been using this Minecraft server list to find Minecraft prison servers.

Purple Prison

Purple Prison like their name suggests is a server that's focused around the prison game mode. It offers players a fun and unique experience of this game mode while not being too complex and convoluted for beginners to get into it. The devs also spice up the fun by running daily and weekly events, letting players get fun and interesting rewards for playing on their server. As good a server to start on as any.


ExtremeCraft offers plenty of different game modes on their Minecraft servers. While they are running daily Skyblock challenges and fun survival matches, you're sure to find plenty of people playing their more long term game modes like factions and Prison. There's plenty of people who are more than willing to offer tips on how to play the game and then even show you how it's done in game itself. The server also prides itself of being hacker/cheater free which is quite an accomplishment. A fun server all around.


MineSuperior is more of a up and coming server that not a lot of people talk about yet. Much like most of the servers out there, they run a lot of game modes on their server, however I'd like to talk about their prison game mode. They keep the mode feeling fresh and fun with plenty of innovative mods and events and players who finished their prison challenge a while ago come back to find it quite a different experience all together. Their community might be small but there's no denying their passion and dedication to running a good Minecraft server.


MinecraftCentral is one of those Minecraft servers that try to keep their game modes fun by introducing a season rotation into their game modes. It's a fun system letting you that lets them update and upgrade the game modes in regular intervals without it seeming to jarring for their players. There's plenty of custom content with a lot of interesting events that will surely keep you coming back.

These are my Minecraft prison servers in no particular order. I found most of these servers on this Minecraft servers and I'm sure that if none of these servers strike your fancy, you're bound to find something suitable for yourself there.