FPS lag?

I use an older laptop to play my Minecraft, bit I can’t get anything newer cause of the money problem. I run it at 40-50 FPS which is fine by me, but on newer Minecraft versions, I would experience freezes and lag spikes every 5 seconds or so. I allocated enough memory, but weirdly enough, … Read more

Is it just me or are bricks one of the weirdest blocks in this game?

To me they have always seemed very out of place compared to pretty much everything else, despite being one of the oldest blocks in the entire game. For one thing they just feel distinctly different than almost every block. Especially during the pre alpha-beta days. There are relatively few blocks they work well with, and … Read more

Minecraft Earth?

Seems fun right? Alright, let’s sign up for the beta. I went through the process of putting in my email and logging into the requested Xbox Live account. Oh no, the Xbox live account gives me an error. “Sorry, something went wrong. Give it another try, or try on Xbox.com.” Alright, I tried to log … Read more